Symptomatic Staff Testing

Symptomatic Testing

Do you qualify for immediate COVID-19 testing?

In line with Public Health England and Government guidance, our Trust has taken measures to ensure health care providers and their workers well being during this COVID-19 period, whilst at the same time facilitating safe and healthy staff to provide safe patient care.

Have you or one of your household got COVID-19 like symptoms (e.g. fever, persistent cough, persistent headache or a change in taste or smell?)

This site allows front line staff with possible COVID-19 like symptoms and also for isolating staff whose household contain individuals with possible COVID-19 symptoms to make a booking to have a swab taken for subsequent testing for all symptomatic individuals.

Appointments should ideally be made between day 3 to 5 of when symptoms first appeared as results are more accurate. Testing can however be performed on day 1-2 if urgent.

Symptomatic swabbing is provided at Oakwood Park drive through for anyone over the age of 5. Tunbridge Wells Hospital site has slots for Under 5’s and their symptomatic household member(s) as well as for children with complex physical or mental needs as this cannot be done at Oakwood Park. Please do not walk through the hospital buildings to attend the swabbing pods.

Oakwood Park is a drive through and walk-ins are not permitted.  If you do not have access to a car please contact the Covid Testing Team on

Please note, if you are found to be COVID positive, it will be necessary to share this information with a limited number of managers (including Occupational Health and Infection Prevention & Control) within your organisation in order to comply with track and trace procedures and to maintain patient safety.  Reporting the test results is a statutory requirement, but is also very important for staff surveillance purposes and in understanding infection rates in hospitals, including the effectiveness of PPE.

Where do you want your swab to be taken?
There is only one location available.
Consent must be provided for release of your result, and the results of any of your household who are tested at the same time. If you are a patient it will be released to the clinicians involved in your care. If you are a key worker then the result will be shared with your employer.